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    22 products

    About Bungalow Denmark

    Danish designer Minna Hildebrandt founded Bungalow ceramics and home textiles in 2004. Her husband is from the beautiful state of Kerala in South India, and she has always been fascinated by the beauty and colours of India and intrigued by the traditional crafts. Each Bungalow product has a story and has been created by the finest craftsmen rather than mere machinery. Her passion is the Indian patterns of paisleys, florals, borders and repetition of motifs, and the art of block-printing on textiles which she combines with the iconic Scandinavian aesthetics.

    Bold and colourful.

    It has always been a part of the Bungalow dna to be courageous; to dare to mix patterns, colours and styles with boldness. But also, to dare express our own style regardless of current trends. It takes courage to decorate your shop or home in a personal way, to believe in your ideas and individual taste.

    Bungalow is all about colours and patterns. The collection of handmade ceramic is your palette to choose from, and to create your personal combinations, whether you like bright coloured florals on a tablecloth or neutral shell-coloured ceramics on a raw table. The combinations are endless, you just need to find your courage to create your own style.